Strike impact ‘kept to a minimum’ at council

Joseph Bulmer

Council able to cope with walkout

NORTH Devon Council says disruption caused by yesterday’s strike action was kept to a “minimum”, with most services running as usual.

From a total of 474 employees, 68 are thought to have taken part in the walkout.

One service to be disrupted was waste and recycling. However, by suspending all green bin collections, the council was able to complete all black bin and bag collections as normal. Recycling in rural areas was also collected as normal.

Residents in Barnstaple whose recycling wasn’t picked up are being asked to leave it on the kerbside until the end of the week, if it is safe to do so. Crews will then aim to collect this today and tomorrow.

Customer Service Centre telephone services operated as normal, although there was no district council cover for customers at the Amory Centre in South Molton or The Ilfracombe Centre.

Chief executive Mike Mansell said: “We were able to keep customer disruption to a minimum yesterday, by planning ahead and prioritising our frontline services.

“However, for those that were affected by the strike action, we hope they will understand we had little control over this.

“Our aim now is to ensure all our services return to normal as quickly as possible.”