Stop the hike in fuel prices

Joseph Bulmer

SIR, There can now be very few people in the UK still unaware of the record price being charged for fuel at the pumps and it won’t be long before we all feel the effects.

But one group being particularly hard hit right now are UK hauliers. The road freight industry is the 6th largest employer in the UK and really IS the industry on which the rest of the economy, particularly the manufacturing sector, is almost totally dependent. Food distribution is another sector on which we all rely; we all expect to see fresh bread and milk on our supermarket shelves but how many of us actually stop to think how it actually got there? Who would ever have envisaged the day when a loaf of fresh bread became a luxury item? If prices continue to rise it could soon become a reality.

It’s time that something was done. To that end, the two organisations that look after the interests of British hauliers have decided that enough is enough and, in an unprecedented move, they are putting up a united front and are both firmly behind the campaign FairFuelUK.

Between them, they represent thousands of UK hauliers involved in the movement of goods by road. They really ARE the ‘lifeblood’ of the UK economy. But the time has come when the fuel price situation is now so serious that all users of fuel, especially the general motorist, now have common cause with us.

To make a real difference we need ALL fuel users to join our campaign. There is another fuel duty increase planned for April but if we can get enough support, we can stop that happening. Rest assured, we will not take part in or support any kind of disruptive action as that would simply demean our industry, our country and hurt the general public who are already suffering.

We are calling on the Government to mirror this responsible attitude and approach and do something before it’s too late. This CAN be achieved, but only with YOUR support. Please help us to help you by signing the petition at

G Dunning, Chief Executive, Road Haulage Association

T de Pencier, Chief Executive, Freight Transport Association