Start date for new town square work

Joseph Bulmer

Plans to revamp Jubilee Square in Bideford have been signed off by Torridge District Council.

WORK to regenerate Bideford’s Jubilee Square will begin this April.

Final plans for the creation of a “brand new town square” were signed off by Torridge District Council on Tuesday week.

The quayside square will be transformed into a pedestrianised area with stylish paving, modern seating and new bins.

Peter Quincey, project manager of the joint delivery team at North Devon+, said: “We are creating a brand new town square for Bideford and we hope the area will provide an attractive spot for street performers and small markets during peak season.”

The work, which also includes a facelift for the Manor car park, is hoped to be completed by mid-June, in time for the holiday season.

Mr Quincey added: “We will be levelling off the area and paving it with porphyry, a pinky-purple type of stone, like granite. The Manor car park will also be resurfaced, with pink gravel added to the tarmac in keeping with the new square’s design.”

The area will be paved up to the point it meets with Mill Street, and an archway will be built in the entrance to Cooper Street to provide a focal point for people entering the square.

“Phase two of the development will see us using the same stones to pave Cooper Street.

“We hope this phase will begin in September, so there are no disruptions when there are visitors here during the summer months.”