Squirrel was unstoppable

Joseph Bulmer

BUDE Satellites were on fire in the North Devon Netball League.

Debbie Squirrel was unstoppable as she led them to a 52-18 Division 3 victory over North Devon Homes Stars.

In the battle between the top two teams in this division, Carol Anne Rubies gained the edge. Reeds Silverside stayed with them for half the match, but then Rubies pulled ahead and did not look back. Lisa Cetinkaya led Hartland Harriers to their first win of the season as they narrowly defeated Carol Anne Golds.

All the Division 4 matches were extremely close.

Carol Anne Jets beat Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos by two goals and Carol Anne Topaz won by the same margin against Exmoor Beasties, while Venners Bakery Pythons were just three ahead of South Molton Eagles.

The top Division 1 teams showed their class by winning easily.

Lower placed teams Titans Jupiter and Venners Bakery Cobras demonstrated encouraging performances in their defeats at the hands of Carol Anne Trolls and Carol Anne Diamonds respectively.

Titans Voyager had a great match against Pat Williams Girls with accurate shooting by Toni Shapland giving them a 34-23 victory. Titans Apollo and Titans Neptune were also successful.

Div 1: Carol Anne Diamonds 52, Titans Jupiter 18; Carol Anne Trolls 47, Venners Bakery Cobras 30; Titans Apollo 47, Carol Anne Sapphires 25;

Titans Neptune 46, Venners Bakery Vipers 33; Titans Voyager 34, Pat Williams Girls 23.

Div 3: Bude Satellites 52, North Devon Homes Stars 18; Carol Anne Rubies 47, Reeds Silverside 35; Hartland Harriers 28, Carol Anne Golds 25; Coodes 26, Venners Bakery Adders 22.

Div 4: Carol Anne Jets 28, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 26; Venners Bakery Pythons 25, South Molton Eagles 22; Carol Anne Topaz 21, Exmoor Beasties 19.