Students of the Earth & Ocean Martial Arts Club students have passed their new gradings with flying colours.

Barnstaple students: Adults- Richard Braund (Stan) 3rd kyu brown; Will Camp 4th kyu blue; Max Lees 8th kyu yellow. Juniors - Aiden Stacey and Reece Manning 5th kyu purple; Reece Manning and Lewis Stacey 6th kyu green.

Northam students: Adults- Aaron Piper 4th kyu blue; Jemima Smith, Stephen Smith, Tania Jeffery and Laurence Sellors, 6th kyu green; Gareth Bell 7th kyu orange.

Juniors - Damien Williams 1st kyu red stripe; Daniel Burke 2nd kyu red; Lindel Cumes 3rd kyu brown; Lani Sellors 7th kyu orange. Samual Wrey, Jenson Pain 8th kyu.