Move over Karate Kid- here’s the new Fists of Fury

Mark Wild strikes hard to take the gold in the west of England open, a judo event held last weekend.

Wild, of Riverside Judo Club and Braunton Judo Club, had competed in the tournament twice before, but fell just shy of the gold to leave him with silver medals in both previous attempts.

This was the last year Wild was eligible for the under 12 category, and with a broken thumb from a previous tournament and eighteen other competitors, the outcome looked grim.

However, he fought his way through all his opponents - where any one loss could result in elimination - and ended up in the final with four victories and four Ippon wins, the highest attainable score.

And finally, in true underdog fashion, Wild landed another Ippon victory to achieve his long-awaited gold medal, bringing the long struggle to a satisfying close.

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