West Buckland students excel

West Buckland School

West Buckland School - Credit: West Buckland School

West Buckland School students have excelled in this year’s GCSE exams, with over a quarter of pupils gaining straight 7-9 top grades. 
As with the A-levels, the school’s approach to assessing pupils through exams in the summer met all the Ofqual requirements and produced robust, as well as impressive, results. 
Over a quarter of pupils gained straight 7-9 top grades, with five pupils being awarded straight 9s - Flora Boyles, Katie Wilmot, Toby Watts, Isobel Van Santen and Amelia Day. All these students have been recognised not just for their consistent hard work and commitment but also for their day-to-day contribution to school life. 
There were other notable achievements that are worth recognising: two of our international students, Susie Lei and Oscar Hung, gained a full set of 7-9 grades in a second language, which is an incredible achievement and they deserve full credit. 

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