Titans Jupiter secured the Division 2 title in the North Devon Netball League with impressive wins over Carol Anne Amethysts and Pat Williams Girls, preventing both of their opponents from achieving double figures.

Venners Bakery Anacondas were dominant in their Division 3 matches.

In Division 4, Panthers, Blue Oasis and Reeds Silverside each won both of their games and moved to the top of the table.

Lisa Cetinkaya netted two four pointers to enable Venners Misfits to draw with Titans Pluto after being behind throughout their Division 5 match.

Carol Anne Opals made their way towards the top of Division 6, with their new players fitting in easily. They are just behind Hartland Harriers, who also fought hard for their victories.

The final matches will be played next week and the top three in most of the divisions are still extremely close.

Division 2: Pat Williams Girls 27, Bude Stars 20; Titans Jupiter 23, Pat Williams Girls 9; Titans Jupiter 19, Carol Anne Amethysts 3; Bude Stars 16, Carol Anne Amethysts 13.

Division 3: Titans Venus 12, Carol Anne Emeralds 12; Venners Bakery Anacondas 21, Titans Venus 11; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 16, Carol Anne Emeralds 10; Venners Bakery Anacondas 31, Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 21.

Division 4: Panthers 26, Bude Satellites 20; Reeds Silverside 26, Carol Anne Rubies 11; Blue Oasis 26, Carol Anne Rubies 3; Panthers 25, Venners Bakery Adders 11; Blue Oasis 22, Bude Satellites 5; Reeds Silverside 16, Venners Bakery Adders 12.

Division 5: Venners Misfits 20, Titans Pluto 20; North Devon Homes 20, North Devon Homes Stars 14; Venners Misfits 17, North Devon Homes 15;

Titans Pluto 19, North Devon Homes Stars 7.

Division 6:Carol Anne Opals 29, Venners Bakery Pythons 15; Carol Anne Opals 27, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 11; Hartland Harriers 25, Carol Anne Jets 15; Gater Girls 23, Carol Anne Jets 10; Hartland Harriers 20, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 18; Venners Bakery Pythons 16, Gater Girls 14.