Angling Heritage is ‘delighted’ to have received the World Club Championship Trophy that was won by the Essex team in 1982.

It’s the only time the trophy has been won by a UK team, and it is now proudly displayed at Torrington Museum.

The Essex Club was wound up some time ago and the trophy seemed destined to return to Browning in Germany, but the members wanted to see the trophy kept in the UK and be on display for all to see – a goal shared with the Trustees of Angling Heritage.

Angling Heritage, founded in 2009, has been actively preserving angling history, which can be browsed on the website:

There are more than 200 videos, 200 audio tracks and even more photographs together with documents and articles available for all to view on the cloud-based website.

And along the way, several precious items of angling history have been donated, such as this trophy, and to display these artefacts Angling Heritage has forged a long-term link with Torrington Museum.