Netherlands trip for North Devon rowers

Torridge Pilot Gig Club travelled to the 24th edition of MPM, Holland’s best yearly sloop rowing event, which took place at the venue of the Royal Dutch Sail and Rowing Association (KNZ&RV) in Muiden.

In 23 years the MPM regatta developed into an inspiring and appealing gathering of open water rowing teams from the Netherlands and from abroad.

For many teams in offshore rowing boats, MPM is the end of their rowing season, whereas for many men and women in gigs, MPM marks the beginning of a new training effort for the championships on the Isles of Scilly in the next spring.

Rowers male and female, together with the population of Muiden, enjoyed two days of spectacular rowing on the open waters of the IJsselmeer.

The Isle of Pampus is rounded twice on Saturday and once on Sunday, for four nautical miles in each race.

Anyone who would like to give gig rowing a try, young or old, is invited to get in touch via or visit the club facebook page.