North Devon angling scene, with Tony Gussin

Young Charlie Vernon with his 14lb carp from Beatties Lake at Stafford Moor.Young Charlie Vernon with his 14lb carp from Beatties Lake at Stafford Moor.

Blakewell fishery reports the lake is now looking fabulous, completely weed free and fishing very well following the draining and refill, with a settled and comfortable water temperature of around 12 degrees.

The trout have been in the top few inches for the first part of September and are happily taking daddy longlegs off the surface, especially when there has been a ripple.

Recent good catches include a brace of rainbows weighing in at 18lb 2oz and 16lb 10oz caught by Jerry Smith.

When it has been very bright, anglers have also been having good success in the top couple of feet with either a drowned daddy or gold head version.

A very wet Saturday night for North Devon’s sea anglers saw little in return in the way of fish.

The North Devon League weigh-in on Sunday saw Tarrant Wotton take first with a dogfish of 2lb 7oz, while Antony Smith was third with a smoothound of 8lb and a ½oz.

The October heat date will be passed on to members in due course.

At Stafford Moor it has been busy once again. Danny Hayman landed a nice 29lb leather carp from Beatties Lake on the dam wall, while Mike Faulkner had a number of doubles from Lodge Lake.

Four-year-old triplets Bailey, Bluebell and Harley enjoyed their first fishing trip on Oak Lake with parents Mark and Debbie Brett – and all managed to catch fish.

Young Charlie Vernon had a nice 14lb carp from Beatties while visiting with his dad Josh.