ROYAL Geezers were on top form In Bideford Snooker League, dropping just one frame in two matches.

They took five out of six away to Kingsley A and went one better in a re-arranged match at home to Liberal Slickers, winning 6-0.

Div 1: Liberal Slickers 3–3 Liberal Lions; Kingsley A 1–5 Royal Geezers; Torrington Con-vics 2–4 Palladium A; Liberal Pilgrims 1–5 Red Rebels; Hustlers 4 -2 Liberal Cues; VPCC 3–3 Liberal Fliers; Clovelly SC 1–5 Appledore SC; Liberal Cues 2–4 Liberal Pilgrims ; Royal Geezers 6–0 Liberal Slickers

Div 2: Con D 3–3 Legionnaires; Liberal Saints 1–5 Liberal Dons; Misfits 4-2 Liberal Bulls; PDQs 3–3 Torrington Con Men; RNDGC A 1–5 Kingsley Potters; Con Diamonds 4–2 Specials; Hartland RBL 3–3 TVSSC.

Top breaks: K Fishleigh 46; D Gayton 42; J Gaydon 36, 25; G Tubbs 34; M Bignell 33; M Sommerville 30; D Copp, A Sowdon 28; L Halling 27; L Barker, B Lawrence 25.