Quiz time! How good is your sporting general knowledge?

Brazil's Ronaldo takes on the Republic of Ireland's Stephen Carr during an international friendly at

Brazil's Ronaldo takes on the Republic of Ireland's Stephen Carr during an international friendly at Lansdowne Road, Dublin - Credit: PA

With more grassroots sport now returning to action since the three-month lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, we celebrate with another quiz.

Here are some of the latest posers from Press Association, with the answers at the bottom. No cheating!

1. What animal features on Watford’s crest?

2. And what is the name of the club’s mascot?

3. Who scored for Chelsea against Norwich last week?

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4. Name the Premier League manager who this week described Financial Fair Play as a “circus”.

5. Tiger Roll won the 2018 and 2019 Grand Nationals, but who was the jockey?

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6. What is Tiger Woods’s first name?

7. Brad Shields has recently re-signed with which Premiership Rugby side?

8. Which is the oldest Super League club?

9. How long is the game clock of an NBA game?

10. The National Hockey League’s Predators call which US city home?

11. Which side won the League One play-off final?

12. And what is their club’s nickname?

13. Which Briton has broken the 100m breaststroke world record five times?

14. Which country tops the all-time medal table at the Commonwealth Games?

15. What number shirt does Wayne Rooney wear at Derby?

16. Who has made more appearances for their country: Brazil’s Ronaldo or Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo?

17. Which club side did both Ronaldos play for in their career?

18. What nationality is Wolves player Raul Jimenez?

19. Which NFL side recently dropped its nickname?

20. Sacramento’s NBA team are called the Kings, but is their women’s side called the Queens or Monarchs?

21. Who won the inaugural UEFA Cup in 1972?

22. And who did they beat in the final?

23. Which Premier League side won the most recent north London derby?

24. How many runs did Jermaine Blackwood score in the final innings of the West Indies’ first Test win over England?

25. Super League side Wigan Warriors beat who in 2017 to claim a fourth World Club Challenge?

26. Did Wigan begin using the ‘Warriors’ name in 1996, 97 or 98?

27. Gloucester’s new prop Logovi’i Mulipola hails from which Pacific country?

28. Who will Harlequins host when Premiership Rugby resumes on August 14?

29. Who won the Workday Charity Open in Ohio recently?

30. NBA team the Kings are based in which US city?

Answers: 1. Hart; 2. Harry the Hornet; 3. Olivier Giroud; 4. Jose Mourinho; 5. Davy Russell; 6. Eldrick; 7. Wasps; 8. Huddersfield Giants; 9. Forty-eight minutes; 10. Nashville; 11. Wycombe; 12. The Chairboys; 13. Adam Peaty; 14. Australia; 15. 32; 16. Cristiano Ronaldo; 17. Real Madrid; 18. Mexican; 19. Washington; 20. Monarchs; 21. Tottenham; 22. Wolves; 23. Tottenham; 24. Ninety-five; 25. Cronulla Sharks; 26. 1997; 27. Samoa; 28. Sale; 29. Collin Morikawa; 30. Sacramento.

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