Quiz time! How good is your sporting general knowledge

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Sports Quiz header - Credit: Archant

With grassroots football stepping up preparations for the 2020-21 season, why not celebrate with another sporting quiz.

Here are some of the latest posers from Press Association, with the answers at the bottom. No cheating!

1. Who has won more FA Cup titles - Manchester United or Manchester City?

2. Who is the current manager of Celtic?

3. True or false. The tennis events at the 2012 London Olympics were the first to be held at a grand slam venue in the Open era.

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4. Which NBA team does Paul George play for?

5. Welford Road is the home ground for which Premiership Rugby club?

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6. Hertha Berlin plays in which European football league?

7. Which NFL team joined the league in 2002?

8. What is the nickname of Seattle’s recently-unveiled NHL team?

9. When did Shahid Khan take over ownership of Fulham?

10. What nationality is former Fulham and Tottenham forward Clint Dempsey?

11. Which country will host this season’s Indian Premier League?

12. What car problem impacted Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the British Grand Prix?

13. And which driver made up 28 seconds on Hamilton on the final lap but finished second?

14. Who is the only English footballer to have won the Golden Shoe, having been Europe’s top goalscorer in the 1999-2000 season?

15. Which side won the National League play-off final on Sunday: Harrogate or Notts County?

16. Eddie Howe has had two spells in charge of Bournemouth, but which current Premier League club has he also managed?

17. Who is now the longest serving manager of a Premier League club?

18. Which side have withdrawn from this season’s Super League?

19. Which NBA side will feature in the play-offs for the first time in seven years?

20. Which country has won more ice hockey gold medals at the Olympics: Canada or USA?

21. On the PGA Tour, when does the first cut take place?

22. Where are NFL’s Raiders now based after their move from Oakland?

23. Which English county play their home games at Chester-le-Street?

24. With which Premier League side did Kevin Phillips finish his playing career?

25. Who were the first Welsh side to play in the Premier League?

26. In which month is the Epsom Derby traditionally held?

27. Manu Tuilagi has recently joined which club from Leicester?

28. What is the longest fixed-distance event held at the Summer Olympics?

29. How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the 1936 Olympics?

30. Who took the Sports Personality of the Century award in 1999?

Answers: 1. Manchester United (12); 2. Neil Lennon; 3. True; 4. Los Angeles Clippers; 5. Leicester Tigers; 6. Bundesliga; 7. Houston Texans; 8. Kraken; 9. 2013; 10. American; 11. United Arab Emirates; 12. Left-front tyre puncture; 13. Max Verstappen; 14. Kevin Phillips; 15. Harrogate; 16. Burnley; 17. Sean Dyche; 18. Toronto Wolfpack; 19. Los Angeles Lakers; 20. Canada; 21. After 36 holes; 22. Las Vegas; 23. Durham; 24. Leicester; 25. Swansea; 26. June; 27. Sale; 28. 50km walk; 29. Four; 30. Muhammad Ali.

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