Pro dream working nicely for Bideford boxer

Great start to pro career for Conor

Great start to pro career for Conor - Credit: Richard Grigg

Conor Mcintosh took a big step up in his second pro fight against Russian Welterweight Rustem Fatkullin in Swindon.  

Bideford’s Mcintosh came out sharp dominating the centre of the ring, working behind his southpaw combinations. Fatkullin tried to close the gap in the second but Mcintosh was too clever, keeping him at range with great footwork bringing him on to big shots.  

The third round saw the Russian boxer stuck on the ropes on several occasions, taking big body shots and uppercuts. It was much of the same in the last, as Mcintosh proved a level above scoring at will to get a 40-36 win, securing all four rounds on points.  

Mcintosh said: “It was great to get the win, I was confident stepping up in class due to my amateur pedigree. It has been a dream year starting out as a professional.” 

Conor landing a right-hand

Conor landing a right-hand - Credit: Richard Grigg

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