North Devon’s angling scene with Tony Gussin...

The weather hasn’t been too conducive to fishing – or at least to anglers – but Bideford’s sea section managed a few fish in their 24 hour rover at the weekend.

Dick Talbot was first with a pouting of one pound 5 ½ ounces, narrowly squeezing Andy Clements into second with a whiting of 1lb 4 ½. Taz Wotton was third with a flounder of 1lb 10 ¼.

The flounder fishing season hardly seems to have caught fire this year. Reports suggest some have had steady sessions but results seem to have been erratic.

Hopefully the recent influx of fresh water followed by colder weather with help drive out any remaining bait robbing crabs and small fish and tempt the flounder to feed a bit harder.

My two flounder forays this year have produced quantities of small fish but nothing over a pound in weight.

If you can, it pays to take the time to walk the river bank, look for deeper water or pits off the main flow. Plus see where others are fishing and chat to people to build up an overall picture.

Despite thoughts of cod fishing, this weekend I eventually settled for landing a stonking meatball pizza rather than go out and face the cold northerly winds.

Away from the sea, Alexander McDonald enjoyed a great session at Stafford Moor Fishery near Dolton on Friday.

He fished for 24 hours on Beatties Lake, 75 yards off the dam wall, using homemade hook baits to land a total of nine carp.

Blakewell Fishery has been closed for a week for maintenance, but is scheduled to reopen again tomorrow (Thursday). You can check the latest at

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