Bideford ABC had another good night in Plymouth, winning every fight against home favourites from Plympton ABC.

Ben Owen beat national champion Des Newton in his first bout since winning the title. Owen won the first round convincingly with a strong jab and fast straight punches continually knocking Newton’s head back.

Newton pulled it tighter in the second with power punches, rocking Owen with a big right uppercut.

Owen recovered by the last and got back to the game plan, scoring with combinations to the body and head. Newton looked in trouble on several occasions in the last, which saw frustration set in as he hit Owen after the bell, forcing the ref to disqualify him.

Owen won on the scorecards and received the award for the best bout of the night.

Jacob Stevenson had his first competitive bout against John Joe Penfold.

Stevenson took control from the off, being busy off the jab and showing fast footwork.

In the second the combinations began to come off the jab, the three and four punch combinations all hitting the target in a big round.

Stevenson showed good fitness to keep his work rate up and showed decent power, busting Penfold’s nose with a straight right cross. The Bideford lad was awarded all three rounds in a debut win.

Freddie Wright continued his development with a skills bout against Henry Penfold.

Wright controlled all three rounds, boxing and moving on the back foot. His hit and move tactics frustrated Penfold as he kept coming forward but struggled to find the target and continually found himself being caught with the counter punches in reply.