North Devon angling scene, with Tony Gussin

Taz Wotton is topping the Bideford Angling Club monthly sea rover tables for the second year running.

He weighed in a fine brace of smoothound on Sunday, with hounds of 14 pound 12 ounces (147.5 per cent) and 12lb 12oz (127.5) giving him first and second places.

Nathan Clements was third and fourth with thin-lipped mullet of 3lb 9 ¼ and 3lb 6 ¼, beating Elliot Clements into fifth with a thin lip of 3lb 5 ½, while Dick Talbot was sixth with a bass of 5lb 7.

Club member Paul Downing was also among the bass at the weekend, catching a stunning double figure fish of 12lb 9 ¼ oz outside of competition. A fish of a lifetime for most anglers.

At Stafford Moor, ‘Carp Busters’ Chrissy Waring and husband Geoff have been at it again, with 10 fish up to 21lb 8 oz on Beatties Lake in a day session.

Sundays match at the Moor saw Tanners Lake in use, with a great weight from Mark Hayman with 139lb 14oz, followed by Paul Tidball with 131lb 7oz and Lee Thomas third with 112lb 3oz. The silvers winner was Bruce Hunt with a good 31lb 1oz bag of silvers.

Dave Morrish had a fine 28lb 8oz fish from the dam wall on Beatties, while Mark Grinney and Ellie had eight fish from the inlet swim up to 29lb 3oz.