The North Devon nNetball League’s annual ceremony took place on Friday night

North Devon Netball Awards 2017North Devon Netball Awards 2017

The North Devon Netball League held their annual awards ceremony at Barnstaple Hotel on Friday.

As well as handing out awards for the top teams and players through the four divisions, there were also some special awards.

Winning the Rosebowl for their committment and dedication to the sport were Gemma Braunton, Peter Burrows-Bryan and Michelle Sampson.

Braunton coaches within Venners Netball Club and Kingsley School, and was also awarded the Fair Play Player.

North Devon Netball Awards 2017North Devon Netball Awards 2017

Burrows Bryan was recognised for his development as an umpire, as well as coaching, while Sampson was honoured for coaching juniors at Titans Netball Club.

The Charlotte Shaw Memorial Award for contributions by newcomers went to Kiara Clarke and Taylor Hawkings.

Clarke plays for Titans, as well as helping to coach juniors and umpiring in training and junior league matches.

Hawkings is a member of Bath Futures and has broken into Carol Anne Diamonds regional team.

North Devon Netball Awards 2017North Devon Netball Awards 2017


Division 1 – Winners: Titans Apollo, Runners-Up: Carol Anne Diamonds,

Gemma BrauntonGemma Braunton

Division 2 – Winners: Titans Jupiter, Runners-Up: Frank Heard’s Heffers,

Division 3 – Winners:, Runners-Up: Venners Bakery Shootings Scones,

Division 4 – Winners: North Devon Homes Comets, Runners-Up: Titans Enterprise.


Division 1 – Winners: Carol Anne Diamonds, Runners-Up: Titans Storm,

Division 2 – Winners: Titans Jupiter, Runners-Up: Frank Heard’s Heffers,

Division 3 – Winners: Bude Jets, Runners-Up: Titans Pluto,

Division 4 – Winners: Instant Images Embroidery & Venners Misfits.


Division 1: Winners: Emily Risdon (Titans Apollo), Joanna Nancekivell (Venners Bakery Vipers), Maddie Boyles (Carol Anne Pearls),

Division 2: Winners: Poppy Sampson (Titans Pluto), Taylor Hawkings (Carol Anne Jets), Runners-Up: Chloe Burrows-Bryan (Carol Anne Jets), Olivia Phillips (Carol Anne Jets),

Division 3: Winner: Ru Mills (Venners Bakery Shooting Scones), Runner-Up: Brooke Rowe (Bude Jets),

Division 4: Winner: Antonia Aliberti (Venners Bakery Anacondas), Runners-Up: Lucie Hoskin (Carol Anne Quartz), Brooke Timmins (Venners Bakery Adders).


Division 1: Winner: Kelly Hawkings (Carol Anne Diamonds), Runner-Up: Paula Young (Titans Neptune),

Division 2: Winner: Emma Hill (Frank Heard’s Heffers), Sharon Curtis (Frank Heard’s Heffers),

Division 3: Winners: Kirsty Davis (Bude Satellites), Sarah Nicholson (Chivenor Netters), Runners-Up: Claire Fallow (North Devon Homes), Rowan Summers (North Devon Homes),

Division 4: Winner: Toni Chubb (North Devon Homes Stars), Runner-Up: Tracey Tapp (Venners Bakery Pythons.


Division 1: Winner: Rebecca Priest (Carol Anne Diamonds), Runner-Up: Beth Nancekivell (Venners Bakery Vipers),

Division 2: Winners: Kaj Bailey (Carol Anne Emeralds), Vikki Oliver (Venners Bakery Cobras), Gemma Copp (,

Division 3: Winners: Emma Burridge (Carol Anne Quartz), Laura Evans (Venners Bakery Shooting Scones), Runners-Up: Louise Smale (North Devon Homes Comets), Gina Venn (North Devon Homes),

Division 4: Winner: Steph Batstone (Braunton Sparks), Runners-Up: Joss Allman (Venners Misfits), Lisa Hutchings (Venners Misfits).


Division 1: Annette Huxtable (Carol Anne Trolls), Maddie Boyles (Carol Anne Pearls), Beth Nancekivell (Venners Bakery Vipers), Lucy Loosemore (Venners Bakery Vipers),

Division 2: Georgia Easton (Titans Voyager), Allie Weller (Frank Heard’s Heffers),

Division 3: Laura Evans (Venners Bakery Shooting Scones), Brooke Rowe (Bude Jets),

Division 4: Sarah Steggles (Instant Images Embroidery).


Division 1: Venners Bakery Vipers,

Division 2: Frank Heard’s Heffers

Division 3: Bude Satellites,

Division 4: Venners Bakery Anacondas.

CHARLOTTE SHAW MEMORIAL CUP: Kiara Clarke (Titans), Taylor Hawkings (Carol Anne).

MOST IMPROVED UMPIRE OF THE YEAR: Peter Burrows-Bryan, Runner-Up: Tina Betiss (Titans Voyager),

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO UMPIRING: Clare Arthur (Carol Anne Emeralds), Mel Barnard (Titans Neptune), Lorraine Beel (Titans Voyager), Emma Burridge (Carol Anne Quartz), Peter Burrows-Bryan (independent), Penny Collis (Venners Bakery Vipers), Lorraine Cleverdon-Brend (Titans Apollo), Chloe Cooper (Titans Pluto), Sharon Curtis (Frank Heard’s Heffers), Kirsty Davis (Bude Satellites), Nicola Dunkin (Titans Pluto), Kirstine Durk (Titans Jupiter), Louise Flagg (Carol Anne Rubies), Charlotte Frickleton (Carol Anne Diamonds), Lizzy Hanner (Venners Bakery Vipers), Kelly Hawkings (Carol Anne Diamonds), Jen Law (, Cheryl Little (Carol Anne Trolls), Beth Nancekivell (Venners Bakery Vipers), Joanna Nancekivell (Venners Bakery Vipers), Mandy Nicholas (Chivenor Netters), Alison Patching (independent), Nadine Sampson (Titans), Karen Scott (Carol Anne Rubies), Roxsamme Ten-Bokkel (Carol Anne Diamonds), Claire Turner (Titans Neptune), Rebecca Watson (Carol Anne Diamonds).

UMPIRE OF THE YEAR: Mel Barnard (Titans Neptune), Lorraine Cleverdon-Brend (Titans Apollo).

PLAYERS’ UMPIRE OF THE YEAR: Alison Patching (independent), Runners-Up: Lorraine Beel (Titans Storm), Peter Burrows-Bryan (independent), Kelly Hawkings (Carol Anne Diamonds).

ROSEBOWL: Peter Burrows-Bryan (independent), Gemma Braunton (Venners), Michelle Sampson (Titans).