There were record numbers for the first race of the new Gliddon and Squire North Devon Cross Country League season on Sunday.

The first meeting of the winter was at Kingsley School, with some 450 finishers across 12 categories.

The 4,750m Men’s senior race was won by Newbury’s Michael Robbins, who finished in 19mins, 16secs. Close behind were Kingsley School’s Zac Thorne (19:23) and Glyn Brown of St Mary’s C of E (19:33).

Bideford AAC’s Karen Shapland was the winner of the 4,250m senior ladies’ race, finishing in 22mins and 42secs. North Devon Road Runner Zoe Betteridge was second with a time of 23mins, 23secs, and South Molton Strugglers’ Heather Cooke was third with a time of 24mins.

North Devon Athletic Club’s Luke Harnley won the boys’ U17-20 race, with clubmate Eliza Banbury coming first in the women’s competition.

There was success for the club in the youth races too, with Adam Leworthy and Abbi Oscroft winning the U15 races and William Pengelly winning the U13 boys’ event. Bideford AAC’s Ailis Temple-Thurston was the U13 girls’ winner.

Christopher Oliveria and Freya Woodward won the U11 races of 1,750m and Leah Paylor and Isaac Dutton were the winners of the 1,250m U9 races.


Senior Men: 1, Michael Robbins (Newbury AC) 19mins, 16secs; 2, Zac Thorne (Kingsley School) 19mins 23secs; 3, Glyn Brown (St Mary’s C of E) 19mins, 33secs.

Senior Women: 1, Karen Shapland (Bideford AAC) 22mins, 42secs; 2, Zoe Betteridge (North Devon Road Runners) 23mins, 23secs; 3, Heather Cooke (South Molton Strugglers) 24mins, 0secs.

U17-20 Men: 1, Luke Harnley (NDAC) 18mins, 17secs; 2, Alex Grigg (Great Torrington School) 18mins, 40secs; 3, Dan Parkin (Park School) 19mins, 45secs.

U17-20 Women: 1, Eliza Banbury (NDAC) 18mins, 56secs; 2, Fiona Corrick (West Buckland School) 19mins, 40secs; 3, Issy Edworthy (Okehampton RC) 20mins, 30secs.

U15 Boys: 1, Adam Leworthy (NDAC) 16mins, 48secs; 2, Dylan Dayman (NDAC) 17mins, 20secs; 3, Victor Blasi-Cairol (Kingsley School) 17mins, 30secs.

U15 Girls: 1, Abbi Oscroft (NDAC) 13mins, 43secs; 2, Indiana Stephenson (NDAC) 13mins, 51secs; 3, Skye Pirie (NDAC) 14mins, 21secs.

U13 Boys: 1, William Pengelly (NDAC) 11mins, 52secs; 2, Kyle Pearson (NDAC) 12mins, 15secs; 3, Aidan Barrow (Pilton Community College) 12mins, 29secs.

U13 Girls: 1, Ailis Temple-Thurston (Bideford AAC) 11mins, 3secs; 2, Maisie Bell (NDAC) 11mins, 6secs; 3, Lulu Goaman (Kingsley School) 11mins, 36secs.

U11 Boys: 1, Christopher Oliveira (NDAC) 7mins, 44secs; 2, Oscar Dean (Woolacombe School) 8mins, 12secs; 3, Leo Pearson 8mins, 21secs.

U11 Girls: 1, Freya Woodward (St Mary’s C of E) 8mins, 31secs; 2, Isabelle Roome (Marwood School) 8mins, 59secs; 3, Chloe Reis-Fielder (Woolacombe School) 9mins, 1sec.

U9 Boys: 1, Isaac Dutton (NDAC) 6mins, 23secs; 2, Jack Brown (St Mary’s C of E) 6mins, 29secs; 3, Adam Foster (Bradworthy Primary) 6mins 31secs.

U9 Girls: 1, Leah Paylor (Southmead School) 7mins, 12secs; 2, Elinor Thomas (NDAC) 7mins, 13secs; 3, Lola Gerrard (Fremington School) 7mins, 16secs.