This week’s North Devon Netball League round-up

NORTH Devon’s netballers made the most of the lovely weather with some excellent matches this week.

Sophie Cloake was once again Instant Images Embroidery’s key player and Beth Brent and Beth Weir took the honours for both matches for Venners Bakery Anacondas and Titans Voyager respectively.

Carol Anne Diamonds and Titans Neptune were outstanding in division one and Blue Oasis were victorious in division two.

Titans Voyager are still pushing forward in division three but were held to a draw against club rivals Thunder.

In division four, each of the three teams defeated each other with Venners Shooting Scones having the better of Carol Anne Rubies.

They turned the tables on Instant Images Embroidery who fought back in the final match to beat Venners.

The youngsters at Carol Anne Jets moved well to take all the points in division five, while in division six it was Venners Bakery Jumping Japs who turned their previous indifferent form into successes.

RESULTS - Division 1

Carol Anne Diamonds 33 (Victoria Hair), Carol Anne Pearls 17 (Charlotte Frickleton); Carol Anne Diamonds 30 (Harriet Schofield), Venners Bakery Cobras 7 (Miriam Kimber); Venners Bakery Vipers 25 (Penny Collis), Carol Anne Sapphires 23 (Jen Whitley); Titans Neptune 23 (Michelle Sampson), Carol Anne Pearls 17; Titans Neptune 21 (Mel Barnard), Carol Anne Sapphires 5 (Jasmine Liddell); Venners Bakery Vipers 16 (Hannah Evans), Venners Bakery Cobras 8 (Lizzy Hanner).

Division 2

Blue Oasis 27 (Kat Large), Titans Pluto 18 (Jess Berry); Blue Oasis 22 (Sadie Adams), Frank Heard’s Heffers 15 (Sharon Curtis); Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 17 (Mary Foster), Frank Heard’s Heffers 14 (Lisa Childs); Titans Pluto 17 (Millie Wilton), Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 7 (Shahnaz Gullon).

Division 3

Titans Voyager 28 (Beth Weir), Carol Anne Emeralds 18 (Naomi Williams); Titans Thunder 17 (Claire Turner), Carol Anne Emeralds 14 (Tiff Plows); Titans Voyager 12 (Beth Weir), Titans Thunder 12 (Kerri Wall).

Division 4

Venners Bakery Shooting Scones 20 (Laura Evans), Carol Anne Rubies 10 (Cheryl Manning); Carol Anne Rubies 15 (Karen Scott), Instant Images Embroidery 8 (Sophie Cloake); Instant Images Embroidery 14 (Sophie Cloake), Venners Bakery Shooting Scones 11 (Laura Evans).

Division 5

Carol Anne Jets 24 (Chloe Burrows-Bryan), Venners Misfits 14 (Vicky Johns); Venners Bakery Anacondas 20 (Beth Brent), Georgeham Rocks 15 (Debs Nettley); Carol Anne Jets 19 (Olivia Phillips), Georgeham Rocks 5 (Jo Latham); Venners Misfits 10 (Joss Allman), Venners Bakery Anacondas 6 (Beth Brent).

Division 6

Venners Bakery Jumping Japs 24 (Ellie Maxwell), Venners Bakery Pythons 17 (Sara Holland); Venners Bakery Jumping Japs 23 (Charlotte Wade), Carol Anne Amethysts 20 (Charlotte Buttery); Hartland Harriers 19 (Josie Tape), Venners Bakery Pythons 12 (Catherine Pettett); Carol Anne Amethysts 13 (Sarah Prentice), Hartland Harriers 11 (Charlie Worby).