Specimen mullet and smoothies give a good brace for fishing club members.

SPECIMEN fish showed up at last for Barnstaple Rod ‘n’ Reelers members in their July sea fishing rover.

The format was a mixed brace competition and Darren Short took first with a specimen starry smoothound of 10lb 4 ounces, plus a near specimen dogfish of 2lb 13 ½ oz, giving him a combined total of 197.6%.

Tarrant Wotton was second with a starry smoothound of 8lb 2oz, plus a thin-lipped mullet of 3lb 4 ¾ oz, to make 183.3%.

Steve Baker was third with a common smoothound and a thin-lipped mullet of 67.4% and 98.7% for 165.1%.

The best specimen fell to Steve Luxton, with a good thin-lipped mullet of 4lb 7oz.