The Robins’ Southern League fixture on Saturday had to be abandoned at half-time after torrential rain made the pitch unplayable.

Bideford manager Sean Joyce was full of praise for referee Phillip Stayings after his side's wet weekend at AFC Totton.

The Robins' game on Saturday had to be abandoned at half-time after torrential rain made the pitch unplayable.

The score was tied at 1-1 at the break, with Dan Western cancelling out Charlie Gunson's early goal.

Joyce was full of praise for everyone involved in Saturday's match.

"The referee was outstanding - he was brilliant," he said.

"I do criticise referees when they get things wrong so I give it back when they deserve it, and he gave us a fair chance.

"He just used common sense and gave it a go and understood the situation, and I take my hat off to him.

"Realistically if there was something on the game he wouldn't have started it, but he gave us the chance to get it done.

"Fair play to Totton as well and both sets of players, who handled themselves brilliantly.

"You could hardly kick the ball, but we played it in the right spirit - both teams did.

"At half-time it seemed like we had a foot of water on the pitch, and I think I was stood in two feet. It became stupid.

"There was nothing anyone could do about it though."

Bideford will replay the fixture at the Testwood Stadium on Tuesday April 11, giving the Robins a near 400-mile round trip that evening.

"We were limited on Saturday anyway, so we'll have to take it on the chin and go again," said Joyce.

"Saturday games can be nine or 10 hours out of your day and when you factor in a lot of players having work on a Tuesday, it's a struggle.

"I was annoyed driving home on Saturday that we'd have to go there again, but if someone had broken their leg I would have been more annoyed, so I think we got to the right decision.

"We're accustomed to travelling though - we're unique in that sense - so we'll go again and hopefully get a result.

"But if the league asked the question of both teams and used common sense, I would have taken the point."