A family from Appledore will achieve a rare feat on Saturday, as three of them step into the ring.

Bideford Amateur Boxing Club’s show on Saturday promises to be one for all of the family.

That’s especially true for a family from Appledore.

Andy Short, his son Josh and daughter Grace all feature on Saturday’s bill, a feat that has rarely been seen in boxing.

Richard Grigg, who trains the family, said: “We’ve never had three people from the same family on the bill, and I’ve never seen it anywhere I’ve been.”

The family started at the boxing club four years ago, with Andy watching his son Josh and his eldest daughter train.

Andy said: “I was just bringing them, sitting on the seat and watching them to save me going back to Appledore.”

Eventually the father started training with the club to improve his fitness levels, until Grigg persuaded him to fight for the first time at the Durrant Hotel in 2013.

“He boxed, and he won. Boxed really well, but he said that was going to be his only one.”

Andy’s eldest eventually left the club, while Josh continued to progress until he was ready to fight competitively.

The chance to fight on the card with his son was enough to persuade Andy to box again, and both won their fights at Bideford College last year.

Then Grace joined the club.

The 13 year-old has been with the club for less than a year, but has progressed well enough to earn herself a fight on Saturday’s schedule alongsider her brother.

Grigg saw the opportunity and persuaded Andy to fight one last time.

He said: “She’s been getting better and better and she’s ready to box.

“Andy’s going to do one more, so if he wins this he’ll have won three from three, and he was never going to box!”

For the family, it’s not just about fighting together on the match card.

Andy said:

“I feel proud to be on the bill with them. It’s nice that I can see my kids enjoy it and it’s getting them exercise and making friends.

“I think we push each other in exercising. It’s a bit of a competition really but I’m proud of them all stepping in the ring.”