SIXTY-FIVE years of Western League history are in the melting pot at a crisis meeting at Barnstaple Town Football Club tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Manager Dave Griffiths has appealed through the Gazette to anyone and everyone who has the club at heart to be there and help breathe new life into the club.

He said: “We are dying at the moment. The club needs oxygen, fresh air and new blood. Those on the committee now are fire fighting at the moment and they are drained. Some of the problems are financial, but not all. We need a band of people to come together to raise funds and also to come up with new ideas.

“I still don’t think people realise how serious the situation is. There are lots of people in the area who have put so much time and effort into building the club into what it is. But unless more people come forward on Thursday night to offer help, it will die. Not completely, perhaps, but leaving the Western League and starting at a lower level next season. Who knows how long it would then take for Barnstaple to get back to the level where we are now?”

Every job at the club, including his own, was up for grabs if it would help save Barnstaple Town FC, he said.

“I appeal to anyone with any interest in the club to come forward on Thursday with their ideas and opinions.”

The meeting is taking place at the clubhouse, starting at 7.30pm