13-year-old Phoebe Oreshko joins Bristol City academy’s under-15s

Plymouth Argyle's Chivenor-based development centre continues to churn out talent.

13-year-old Phoebe Oreshko, who has played for Barnstaple, Chivenor and Torridge boys teams, had a trial at women's Premier League Bristol City last year but decided not to sign for them at that stage. Now, having reached the maximum age she is allowed to play with the boys, Phoebe has been offered a two-year deal with Bristol City's under-15s.

"She's worked really hard and got the result she wanted and we are really proud of her," said mum Lisa. "This is an opportunity you can't not let her take.

"I would like to say thank you to the coaches at Chivenor. They have high hopes for her up at Bristol."

Chivenor Head of Development Lee Barrow is equally positive about Phoebe's prospects with the Bristol Academy.

"She will need the support of Chivenor and of her parents," he said. "There will be times when it's going to be tough but she has the attitude to succeed.

"We've only taken a few girls on and she is exceptional. Now she'll have the opportunity to train with top players including England internationals at Bristol.

"In my opinion she will go all the way and represent England, she's that good."

The youth development centre, which offers coaching to young players aged 5-16 and trains at the Royal Marine base and Braunton Community College, currently has a number of its products plying their trade with professional clubs.

One of them, under-18 Daniel Barrow, has even signed a two-year deal with Premiership West Bromwich Albion, where he has trained with the first team and represented their under-21 team.

As well as Barrow, Ilfracombe's Andrew Hannah and Chumleigh's Jeremy Tuck have both signed two-year apprenticeships with Plymouth Argyle's under-18s.

Aaron Taylor, Mathew Ward, Jake Williams, Jack Rice, Ollie Gardner, Joe Seery and Arthur Wood are all on Plymouth's youth books.

All of these players represented North Devon, and Lee Barrow, a former Swansea City youth himself, said: "We believe North Devon has great potential in the area but all players need the support of their families.

"All players who attend Chivenor are given a great opportunity to progress not only as a player but also as an individual and in self confidence."

Chivenor has been running as a Development Centre for the Pilgrims for the last 17 years. In that time, three professionals, eight Apprentices and many Centre of Excellence players have been produced, under the watchful eyes of Lee and Head Coach Joe Broad.