A new football club for people with additional needs has received its first ever football kit.

Braunton Ability FC's striking kits come five months after the club formed.

On Saturday, North Devon Councillors for Braunton, Councillors Derrick and Liz Spear and Jasmine Chesters presented players with their new training kit during their weekly training and match session. Along with fellow Councillor, Pat Barker, the total Community Councillor Grant to the club was for £400.

As well as the Community Councillor Grants, the club also received grants from The Vivian Moon Braunton Community Trust Fund and Fullabrook CIC for training kits.

Ross Moon attended the training kit presentation on behalf of both organisations and presented the kit to the players.

Braunton Ability coach Melanie Benson-Regan said: "Being able to provide these brand new training kits which we have bought with the grants to our players for free is simply amazing. We are truly grateful and thankful for this support to our club.

"Most of our players are either in education or unable to work so we fundraise to keep our sessions free of charge. This principle is really important to us and means that the activity is accessible to all.

"Some of our players have never been part of a team before but thrive on the excitement of attending our Saturday morning sessions which are totally inclusive and help to reduce isolation and loneliness.

"We bring people together whose lives may never have otherwise crossed and this also includes our wonderful volunteers."

The weekly sessions held by the club are open to anyone with a physical, sensory or learning disability including those with mental health issues with players ranging from 7-60 years.

The session gives players the opportunity to build confidence, have fun, work as part of a team, increase their fitness and make new friends.

Parent Dawn Shakespeare, said: "My 12 year old son has been coming along to the club since November and he absolutely loves it.

"The players all work together well as a team and will feel even more so now that they have their new training kit. The coaches and instructors are brilliant which makes Lewis want to come back every week. Not only is he learning more about football, but he has made lots of new friends and his confidence has grown."

For more information about the club or to attend a session contact Melanie Benson-Regan on 07764 767955 or melanieregan7@icloud.com.