Bideford Amateur Boxing Club’s Jack Langford is the Western Counties middleweight champion for the second consecutive year.

He boxed in Bristol for the senior elite championship against Max Mudway from the Fight Factory. Langford went out boxing off his fast jab, as his opponent tried to stalk forward and throw the big counter punches.

But it was hit and not get hit for Langford, as his straight punches went down the middle of Mudway’s guard and his intelligent footwork kept him away from getting caught with the power punches.

Mudway gambled in the second, willing to take a shot to give one but Langford didn’t get drawn into a war and stuck to his boxing.

Langford landed combinations and began to land the body shots to take the steam out of Mudway.

The Bideford fighter had a big final round; everything Mudway chucked at Langford was countered with overhand rights and left hooks to finish big and take the title.

Langford now moves on to the pre-quarter final of the British elite championship in two weeks time. He reached the semi-finals last year and will be hoping to go one better this year.