Kingsley School Judo Club’s Amie McMurray claimed a silver medal at the British Judo National Championships.

McMurray was competing at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield along with Kingsley’s Jersey Ledger and Tristan Walters among 600 of the UK’s best young judoka.

A defending champion, McMurray was competing in the pre-cadet girls U36kg division and powered through her preliminary rounds before reaching the final.

It was there she took on Amelia Alder from Witley JC. In an evenly-matched contest, McMurray was one second from securing a holddown which would have seen her win, only for time to run out and take the contest into a golden score.

Alder managed to counter one of McMurray’s throws to win the gold medal.

Ledger made her debut at the national championships in the pre-cadet girls U40kg division. After coming through some tough challenges she placed ninth overall.

Tristan Walters was in action on the second day, competing at the championships for the first time in the pre-cadet U34kg division.

After winning his first two fights, Walters went on to meet Rush Judo’s Ronnie Berry in the semi-final, where he came up short.

He picked himself up for the bronze medal match, where he took on Zac Stephenson.

Walters balanced the scores up with a Waza-Ari throw. With the match going back-and-forth, Stephenson pulled off a counter-throw to deny Walters the bronze medal.

Kingsley School Judo Club coach Simon Ward said: “Our team this weekend fought with passion, courage and determination.

“The fights didn’t always go their way, but at this level of competition you have to expect a tough challenge.

“It’s so hard to watch but to share the emotions, headache and the winning with our judoka is a privilege and all part of a fantastic journey our team enjoy together.

“Amie was certainly disappointed, however she will look back at her Pre Cadet Career in the future and will see she was a Double National Finalists for two years in a row.”