Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club’s junior squad received their silver medals this weekend for their recent second place at the Cornish Pilot Gig Association Junior Tribute Championships.

The medals were presented by Mayor of Ilfracombe George Squires, who said he and the town were proud of the junior squad and their achievements.

Junior captain Toma Lazarov and the squad are looking forward to the next season and are hoping to grow the team.

Graham Watson, chairman of Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club, said: “This bodes well for the future development of not only the junior section of our club but ultimately for the club as a whole.”

The junior squad, which is now ranked second in the country, consists of Joe Filer; Toma Lazarov; Jade Rendle; Tom Jefferey; Jake Liversedge; Keegan Boudier; Mawgan Dagley; Aimey Hannah; Erin Hall; and Summer Stringer.

The club will be pleased with the development of the junior section of the club over the last couple of years, with Ilfracombe’s juniors now fighting for top honours in the UK.