Hustlers took the honours in Bideford Pool League this week, dropping just one point at home to the Unbelievable Tekkerz.

Thursday Premier: Hustlers 14-1 Unbelievapool Tekkerz; Tits Up 6-9 Red Devils; Villagers 3-12 Top Guns; Four Cue Lot 3-12 Back Alley Boys.

Thursday Div 1: Aftershocks 6-9 Right On Cue; All Star Five 4-11 Desperados.

Sunday Premier: Diamond Five 3-12 Liberal Loonies; Tits Up 10-5 Porto Punishers.

Sunday Div 1: Flukes of Hazard 2-13 Drunken Monkeys; Thatchers Thrashers 6-9 Jans Jokers.