Get along and show your support at Bideford College on Sunday, November 22.

The Grin ‘n’ Barum Roller Girls team is hosting the British Champs Tier 4 Western Playoffs on Sunday, November 22, at Bideford College.

The event is called The Final Bout Down and will involve four games of roller derby where the teams battle it out to be promoted to Tier 3 of the British Championships.

It will attract teams from across the UK, including the feared Wirral Whipiteres, ranked 27th in Europe, and the home team hope as many local people as possible will come along and support them.

It is the first year Grin ‘n’ Barum have entered the British Championships (formerly known as The Heartland Series) and they would never have believed at the start of the year they would be in the playoffs, let alone hosting them.

They have had a fantastic year, being ranked around 250th in Europe at the start of the year, now ranked at 192nd.

Doors open at 10am on the day and tickets are £8 at the door or £6.50 in advance by emailing Children’s tickets are 1p. Or visit Grin ‘N’ Barum Derby Girls on Facebook.