Great games despite the rain

POURING rain did not prevent some fine netball being played in the North Devon Netball League this week.

Reeds Silverside continue to top Division 3 after netting 58 goals against Hartland Harriers. There were also wins for Carol Anne Rubies, Coodes, Venners Misfits and Venners Adders, who each scored more than 35 goals.

Carol Anne Diamonds almost matched Reeds’ score putting 57 through the ring in their Division 1 game.

Carol Anne Trolls were challenged throughout by Venners Vipers, but great play by Annette Huxtable ensured they maintained a five goal lead to the end. In the closest match of the night, Venners Cobras just edged out Titans Voyager, thanks to great shooting by Gracey Woolway. Voyager scored the goal that would have secured a draw, but seconds after the final whistle.

South Molton Falcons have returned to form in Division 2, defeating All Whites, while Woolacombe Bay beat Carol Anne Emeralds.

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Div 1: Carol Anne Diamonds 57, Pat Williams Girls 7; Titans Neptune 51, Titans Voyager 28; Carol Anne Trolls 48, Venners Bakery Vipers 43;

Venners Bakery Cobras 29, Titans Voyager 28; Carol Anne Sapphires 30, Titans Jupiter 0 (conceded).

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Div 2: South Molton Falcons 41, Titans Venus 25; South Molton Falcons 39, All Whites 26; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 32, Carol Anne Emeralds 22; Bude Stars 37, Carol Anne Emeralds 21; Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 35, Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 19; Carol Anne Amethysts 30, All Whites 0 (conceded).

Div 3: Reeds Silverside 58, Hartland Harriers 11; Coodes 37, North Devon Homes 26; Venners Bakery Adders 37, Bude Satellites 32; Carol Anne Rubies 37, Bude Satellites 17; Venners Bakery Misfits 36, Carol Anne Golds 30; Venners Bakery Adders 35, North Devon Homes Stars 14; Carol Anne Rubies 25, Venners Bakery Misfits 15.

Div 4: Carol Anne Topaz 39, Woolacombe Wolves 12; Titans Pluto 37, Venners Bakery Pythons 23; Woolacombe Wolves 30, Carol Anne Opals 8;

South Molton Eagles 30, Carol Anne Opals 12; Exmoor Beasties 28, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 21.

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