Crews from Appledore, Barnstaple and Torridge were in action at the Swanage Supervets Regatta on Saturday.

Appledore's men' supervets. Picture: Ollie HarveyAppledore's men' supervets. Picture: Ollie Harvey

The over 50s crews competed in timed heats before going into a cup, shield or plate final.

Appledore and Torridge secured places in the main final in the men's competition.

After defeat by a matter of inches to Lyme Regis in 2018, Appledore were again drawn into battle with their rivals and were joined by a composite Cornish crew, Charlestown and Friends.

It was Charlestown who took the win, with Appledore placing second. Torridge finished 10th in the final, while Barnstaple took second place in the shield for 12th overall.

Appledore's ladies' supervets. Picture: Ollie HarveyAppledore's ladies' supervets. Picture: Ollie Harvey

The ladies' competition yielded similar results with Appledore and Torridge getting places in the final.

Appledore vied for the lead throughout but were beaten to the top spot by Salcombe to settle for second.

Torridge's ladies finished ninth overall, going one better than their male counterparts.