The final matches of the North Devon Summer Netball League were well fought, with titles still at stake.

Carol Anne Diamonds remain on top of Division 1, but both Carol Anne Trolls and Titans Apollo pushed them to the final whistle.

Apollo finished in second. Despite beingpipped by their clubmates Neptune, they had done enough previously to keep their second spot. Venners Vipers and Titans Neptune tied for third place, just edging out Carol Anne Trolls.

All Whites won Division 3, although they went down by one in their final game to Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks.

Venners Anacondas finished with a flurry to move into second place, knocking Langtree Re-Unites Rogues and Woolacombe Bay down to third and fourth places respectively.

Newly formed Blue Oasis finished undefeated in Division 4, but second-placed Reeds Silverside came within one goal of spoiling their record.

Carol Anne Rubies finished strongly, but could not score enough points to move above Panthers, who placed third.

Titans Pluto continued their success from the winter league into the summer by winning Division 5. They won their final matches despite a close encounter against third placed Carol Anne Topaz. Steph Hammet scored a three pointer which gave them the important lead.

Venners Misfits scored three and four pointers to give them further victories to take second place.

In Division 6, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos dominated their games to move up to thye top of the table. Venners Pythons dug deep and also just overtook the previous leaders Hartland Harriers to finish in second.


Division 1: Titans Neptune 24, Carol Anne Trolls 17; Carol Anne Diamonds 19, Titans Apollo 16; Carol Anne Diamonds 19, Carol Anne Trolls 13; Titans Neptune 17, Titans Apollo.

Division 3: Venners Bakery Anacondas 20, Titans Venus 4; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 18, All Whites 17; All Whites 18, Titans Venus 7; Venners Bakery Anacondas 17, Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 4; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 30,South Molton Falcons 0 (conceded); Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 30, South Molton Falcons 0 (conceded).

Division 4: Blue Oasis 20, Reeds Silverside 19; Blue Oasis 17, Venners Bakery Adders 10; Carol Anne Rubies 15, Venners Bakery Adders 9; Reeds Silverside 15, Carol Anne Rubies 6.

Division 5: Titans Pluto 28, Exmoor Beasties 4; Venners Misfits 24, North Devon Homes Stars 13; Carol Anne Topaz 17, North Devon Homes Stars 10; Carol Anne Golds 17, Exmoor Beasties 6; Titans Pluto 16, Carol Anne Topaz 11; Venners Misfits 9, Carol Anne Golds 9.

Division 6: Venners Bakery Pythons 22, Gater Girls 10; Venners Bakery Pythons 18, Carol Anne Opals 14; Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 17, Carol Anne Opals 6; Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 16, Gater Girls 12.