Braunton youngster brings gold back from Belgium

Braunton’s Mark Wild has won a European medal to go with the British gold he picked up two weeks ago.

Wild was a member of Team BJC - the elite players picked from the national squad of the British Judo Council – and took Gold in Belgium on Sunday.

The Ippon Trophy Competition, which took place in Antwerp, is a large international event, attracting the best players from Europe and the UK.

Wild, who trains at Kingsley School Judo Club and Kingsacre in Braunton, fought and beat three opponents - two from Belgium and one from Holland - to win the gold in the under 34kg category.

The youngster fought with skill and determination to win his first heat with a spectacular rolling Seoi Nage, which was scored with Ippon.

He won his second heat with an Ouchi Gari combination for Ippon again and his third fight for the gold was another powerful Morote Seoi Nage.

Despite the lengthy coach and ferry trip to Antwerp, Mark greatly enjoyed the first of what he hopes will be many more international competitions.