For the second year running, water-goers will have the opportunity to swim around the beautiful Roadford Lake this Sunday (June 16).

The Dartmoor Open Water Swim for 2019 takes place on Sunday, June 16.The Dartmoor Open Water Swim for 2019 takes place on Sunday, June 16.

Located on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, the 380 participants of the Dartmoor Open Water Swim, in association with The Pickwell Foundation, can choose between three different distances to swim.

The shortest distance is half a lap around the lake, two kilometres. Alternatively, a full lap around the lake is four kilometres and two laps around the lake is eight kilometres.

The first wave will start at 8.15am.

Debuting this year is the King and Queen of the Moors Cup. In collaboration with Dartmoor's sister event, the Exmoor Open Water Swim on September 29, the winners will be those with the fastest combined time of the Dartmoor eight-kilometre lap and Exmoor six-kilometre lap.

There will also be the Ice King and Queen Cup for non wetsuit wearers.

There will be medals for the top three finishers in which age groups, for both wetsuit and skin.

Anyone who participates in both events will receive a free t-shirt and have a chance to win a Strel Swimming Adventure Holiday.

Event organisers are putting a heavy emphasis on carbon emissions. Working with 1010 Climate Action, organisers are asking participants to share transport to and from the event to halve the amount of emissions for the event this year.

Last year's event raised more than £20,000 for various charities and this year it is raising money for 1010 Climate Action and Children's Hospice South West.

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