NORTH Devon was well represented among the record 135 boats taking part in the World Gig Racing Championships on the Isles of Scilly all achievinhg better results than ever before.

Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club’s men came 17th, the highest a North Devon crew has ever been.

Their ladies came 25th – 14 places higher than their previous best, even with a broken pin. They returned with the trophy for winning group C.

Ilfracombe Ladies’ Veterans came fifth after an extremely hard race, with seven boats being disqualified, and the men’s veterans came sixth.

There were also trophies for the Torridge Pilot Gig Club, which had more than 40 members taking part.

The Ladies’ Vets finished a respectable 8th and 15th and the Men’s Vets came in 14th.

But it was the main event over two days and four races that saw the real excitement when Torridge ladies finished an impressive 22nd, the best result for the club ever and the best finish by any North Devon ladies.

A second Torridge ladies crew finished in 63rd position and there was also a midfield finished for a mixed North Devon crew rowing a Bideford boat, with a mixture of Torridge and Ilfracombe rowers.

Both Torridge men’s crews achieved podium positions by winning their groups and they brought back two trophies.

In its 10th anniversary year, Appledore Gig Club took its biggest ever contingent of nearly 40 rowers to the Scillies and every crew improved on previous performances.

North Devon results

Ladies - 22, Kerens (Torridge); 25, Rapparee (Ilfracombe); 42, Verbena (Appledore); 63, Will To Win (Torridge); 73, Rogue, (Ilfracombe); 84, Lady Freda (Barnstaple); 86, Whitford (Appledore); 96, Janice Anne (Bideford); 110, Leah (Clovelly); 117, Rival (Barnstaple) out of 125 crews. Veteran Ladies – 5, Rogue (Ilfracombe); 9, Kerens (Torridge); 16, Will To Win (Torridge); 21, Verbena (Appledore); 32, Leah (Clovelly), 37, Rapparree (Ilfracombe); 39, Lady Freda (Barnstaple) out of 48 crews.

Men – 17, Rapparee (Ilfracombe); 43, Lady Freda (Barnstaple); 61, Will To Win (Torridge); 69, Rogue (Ilfracombe); 97, Kerens (Torridge); 100, Leah (Clovelly); 101, Janice Anne (Bideford); 103, Whitford (Appledore) out of 127 crews. Veterans – 6, Rapparee (Ilfracombe); 14, Will To Win (Torridge); 31, Lady Freda (Barnstaple); 43, Verbena (Appledore); 46, Kerens (Torridge). Supervets – 10, Rogue (Ilfracombe); 13, Rival (Barnstaple).