Ilfracombe rowers proved their quality again, winning eight out of 12 races at the Appledore Gig Regatta to also take the overall title, although the challengers are getting closer, especially in the Ladies A.

Torridge finished close and Appledore could have mounted a major challenge, had a faulty start not left them on the line. They overtook five boats to finish in third place.

Teams came from Barnstaple, Bideford, Clevedon, Ilfracombe, Torridge, Appledore and Bude for a day which was a big success, with great competition and some great fundraising achieved.

Overall winners: 1, Ilfracombe (Rogue); 2, Appledore (Whitford); 3, Clevedon (Blackbird). Ladies A: 1, Ilfacombe; 2, Torridge; 3, Appledore. Men’s A: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Appledore; 3, Torridge. Ladies C: 1, Clevedon; 2, Appledore; 3, Ilfracombe. Ladies B: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Torridge; 3, Clevedon. Men’s B: 1, Ilfracombe; 2,Torridge; 3, Clevedon. Men’s C: 1, Clevedon (row over). U16: 1, Appledore (row over). Ladies Vets: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Torridge (Kerens); 3, Torridge (Will to Win). Men’s Vets: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Barnstaple; 3, Appledore. Men’s Supervets: 1, Clevedon; 2, Ilfracombe; 3, Appledore.Mixed A: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Clevedon; 3, Appledore. Mixed B: 1, Ilfracombe; 2, Torridge; 3, Appledore.