ILFRACOMBE Pilot Gig Club had a successful day at a sunny Salcombe Regatta, with a trio of victories and other leading positions.

The Mens A crew - cox Martyn Hocking, Keith Barclay, Jason Chubb, Jack Turner, Andrew Learidge, Jeremy Webb and Stuart Dagley - stormed off after a cracking start, fighting with hosts Salcombe and Caradon - the world number three - all the way to the first buoy. Then Ilfracombe came into their own, sprinting off the mark and all the way to the finish to increase their lead and take an impressive victory. The Ilfracoimbe B crew came home in third place.

The Ladies Veterans - Gail Bennelick, Trudi Raby, Lisa Furborough, Mandy Turner, Cath Lake and Cindy Covill - made it look easy and led from the start, increasing their lead as the race went on for a comfortable win.

They were followed by the Mens Veterans - cox Mandy Turner, Keith Barclay, Stuart Cansfield, John Stanbury, Jason Chubb, Jeremy Webb and Barry Turner. They also went off to a flying start and, with some great buoy turns by Mandy, increased their lead for another good win.

The Ladies A crew came a comfortable fourth in their race, with their B crew in fifth.

Ilfracombe finished second overall in the regatta to continue a great season of results.