This week’s North Devon Netball League round-up

VENNERS Bakery Cobras secured their first win in division one of the North Devon Netball League, beating Carol Anne Pearls and only narrowly losing out to Carol Anne Sapphires in their other match.

Blue Oasis have moved up the table in division two after defeating Titans Jupiter and Frank Heard’s Heffers – wins which now see them tied with Jupiter in second position with games in hand.

Bude Stars made a late surge in division three of the North Devon Netball League but could not quite catch Titans Voyager who has secured the title by one point. Titans Thunder finished in third. Pat Williams Girls finished their season with two victories and Danni Acid-Taylor and Marina Leadbetter were once again outstanding for Chivenor Netters and Carol Anne Emeralds respectively.

Carol Anne Quartz showed their form in division four, beating Instant Images Embroidery and pipping Carol Anne Rubies by a single goal.

Georgeham Rocks came through two close matches in division five, picking up two wins.

They beat Carol Anne Jets by three, before a two-goal win over Venners Bakery Anacondas.

Carol Anne Jets finish the season as runners-up having scored enough points to ensure they cannot be overtaken in the final round of matches.

In division six, Carol Anne Amethysts and Venners Bakery Jumping Japs took maximum points to go second and third in the table respectively.

Registration for the North Devon Netball Winter League is on Monday (July 21). Contact Katrina Venner ( for more information.


Division 1

Carol Anne Sapphires 18 (Laura Manley), Venners Bakery Cobras 14 (Alex McKean); Venners Bakery Cobras 18 (Lucy Loosemore), Carol Anne Pearls 11; Carol Anne Sapphires 14 Carol Anne Pearls 9 (Maddie Boyles).

Division 2

Blue Oasis 20 (Rachel Bray), Frank Heard’s Heffers 13 (Ali Shaddick); Blue Oasis 20 (Emily Bray), Titans Jupiter 14 (Sarah Durrant); Titans Jupiter 12 (Leanna Fay), Titans Pluto 0 (Georgia Morris); Frank Heard’s Heffers 12 (Sharon Curtis), Titans Pluto 0 (Georgia Morris).

Division 3

Pat Williams Girls 22 (Jen Law), Carol Anne Emeralds 6 (Marina Leadbetter); Bude Stars 21 (Holly Smale), Titans Thunder 16 (Kerri Wall); Bude Stars 19 (Victoria Urquart), Chivenor Netters 13 (Jan Willis); Titans Thunder 17 (Kerri Wall), Carol Anne Emeralds 11 (Marina Leadbetter); Pat Williams Girls 16 (Ali Brown), Chivenor Netters 13 (Danni Taylor-Acid).

Division 4

Reeds Silverside 25 (Lucy Dark), Carol Anne Topaz 16 (Nicky Wormington); Carol Anne Quartz 23 (Rosita Dymond), Instant Images Embroidery 17 (Emma Doherty);

Reeds Silverside 20 (Sarah Pearce), Instant Images Embroidery 20 (Jenny Preece); Carol Anne Topaz 18 (Keziah Hoskin), Carol Anne Rubies 13 (Bun Barber); Carol Anne Quartz 14 (Anna Squire), Carol Anne Rubies 13 (Cheryl Manning).

Division 5

Georgeham Rocks 20 (Olivia Bickle), Carol Anne Jets 17 (Megan Gibb); Georgeham Rocks 17 (Jo Latham), Venners Bakery Anacondas 15 (Katie Hevingham); Venners Bakery Anacondas 13 (Katie Hevingham), Carol Anne Jets 11 (Megan Gibb).

Division 6

Carol Anne Amethysts 29 (Caitlin Ward), Carol Anne Golds 20 (Becky Goulding); Venners Bakery Jumping Japs 29 (Sophie Johns), North Devon Homes Stars 15 (Amanda Rogers); Venners Bakery Jumping Japs 24 (Sarah Johns), Carol Anne Golds 15 (Tyler Thorne); Carol Anne Amethysts 15 (Yvonne Kneller), North Devon Homes Stars 10 (Amanda Rogers).