Braunton’s Audris-Hart Field Archers overcame a tough challenge to return with two medals from the Dunkery Field Bowmen’s May 3D shoot on the moors in Somerset.

Dunkery is renowned for being one of the hardest and most physically challenging courses in the south as the terrain requires ropes to climb uphill and downhill on extreme gradients, with massive drops, through woodland, shooting across rivers and down quarries and crags.

The challenge was made even more difficult by extreme humidity, wind, rain and fallen and blown down trees, newly exposed tree roots and landslips to negotiate.

To match the terrain, the course laid was also a battle, with targets well camouflaged, and shooting through, over and under fallen trees.

Jason Quinn had a tremendous day, taking the silver medal in the men’s barebow class while Helen Cohen-Quinn took bronze in the ladies barebow class.

For both it was their first medals at this difficult venue.

The Braunton archers are now building up to the 3D National Championships in Derby at the end of the month.