Double celebrations for Bideford at the end of a saturated Braunton 10k and 10miler

There were double celebrations for Bideford Amateur Athletics Club at the end of the Braunton 10k and 10miler on Sunday.

The winners of both races came from the club, with Dan Mapp winning the 10k race and Brendon Patton coming home first in the 10miler.

Hundreds of runners braved the grim conditions to complete the two races, with athletes even having to tackle water as flooding began to take hold in parts of the course.

Mapp was the first of 140 10k runners to cross the line, storming home more than seven minutes ahead of everyone else with a time of 35mins and 22secs.

He was followed by Dave Skeet, who crossed the line after 43mins and 3secs, edging into second place ahead of Ray Taylor, who finished just one second later (43:04).

Oonagh Wilson was the fastest of the ladies, coming home in 45mins and 15secs.

Cath Stibbs was the second fastest, completing the race just over a minute later with a time of 46mins and 35secs. Leanne Glover was just behind, crossing four seconds later (46:39).

Patton was the first of more than 200 to complete the full 10 mile race, with the Bideford man finishing in 58 minutes exactly.

Will Bray took second place, coming in two minutes later with a time of 1hr and 4secs. South Molton Strugglers’ Paul Cooke was third, coming in after 1hr, 1min and 48secs.

Ilfracombe Running Club’s Mary Menon was the fastest female over 10 miles, finishing in 1hr, 3mins and 7secs.

Rachel Bunting was the second fastest lady, completing the race in 1hr 7mins and 57secs. North Devon Road Runner Alicia Leal was third fastest (1:16:51).

Travis Perkins Steph Irwin Memorial 10k - overall

1, Daniel Mapp (Bideford AC), 35mins 22secs.

2, Dave Skeet, 43mins 3secs.

3, Ray Taylor, 43mins 4secs.

4, Phil Venn (Bideford AC), 43mins 49secs.

5, Simon Durrant, 44mins 3secs.


1, Oonagh Wilson, 45mins 15secs.

2, Cath Stibbs, 46mins 35secs.

3, Leanne Glover, 46mins 39secs.

4, Kajal Bailey (Ilfracombe) 46mins 51secs.

5, Beth Barrington (Ilfracombe) 47mins 16secs.

Alby Tithecott Memorial 10mile - overall

1, Brendon Patton (Bideford AC), 58mins.

2, Will Bray, 1hr and 4secs.

3, Paul Cooke (South Molton Strugglers), 1hr 1min and 48secs.

4, Phil Thorne, 1hr, 1min and 55secs.

5, Keith Shapland (Bideford AC), 1hr 2mins and 14secs.


1, Mary Menon (Ilfracombe RC), 1hr 3mins and 7secs.

2, Fiona Marks, 1hr 3mins and 20secs.

3, Rachel Bunting, 1hr 7mins and 57secs.

4, Julie Dixon (Bideford AC), 1hr 9mins and 16secs.

5, Alicia Leal (ND Road Runners), 1hr 16mins and 51secs.

Other Travis Perkins Steph Irwin Memorial 10k results

Male over 40

1, Nicholas Grimshaw, 46mins 37secs.

2, Gary Madge, 47mins 38secs.

3, Paul Adnett, 48mins 26secs.

10k Male over 50

1, Dave Skeet, 43mins 3secs.

2, Ray Taylor, 43mins 4secs.

3, Aaron Rinder (ND Road Runners), 48mins 36secs.

10k Male over 60

1, Ian Snow (Torrington AC), 53mins 20secs.

2, Robert France, 56mins 55secs.

3, David Lang, 1hr 4mins and 20secs.

10k Female over 35

1, Cath Stibbs, 46mins 35secs.

2, Kajal Bailey (Ilfracombe) 46mins 51secs.

3, Beth Barrington (Ilfracombe) 47mins 16secs.

10k Female over 45

1, Oonagh Wilson, 45mins 15secs.

2, Ruth Taylor, 53mins 49secs.

3, Kiara Gorit, 53mins 53secs.

10k Female over 55

1, Nicola Oliver, 55mins 43secs.

2, Jane Solman, 56mins 10secs.

3, Nichola Morris, 58mins 2secs.

10k Female over 65

1, Deborah Gorrod, 1hr 10mins and 34secs.

2, Viv Yates (ND Road Runners), 1hr 15mins and 59secs.

Other Alby Tithecott Memorial 10mile results

Male over 40

1, Phil Thorne, 1hr 1min and 55secs.

2, Carl Murphy (Torrington AC), 1hr 5mins and 29secs.

3, David Garcia, 1hr 6mins and 29secs.

Male over 50

1, Simon Scotthorne (ND Road Runners), 1hr 10mins and 37secs.

2, Mark Berry (ND Road Runners), 1hr 13mins and 27secs.

3, Peter Westacott (Ilfracombe RC), 1hr 16mins and 13secs.

Male over 60

1, Tim Jones, 1hr 20 mins and 33secs.

2, David Bates, 1hr 25mins and 55secs.

3, Hugh Muirhead (ND Road Runners) 1hr 31mins and 18secs.

Male over 70

1, Terry Field, 1hr 32mins and 26secs.

Female over 35

1, Mary Menon, 1hr 3mins and 7secs.

2, Rachel Bunting, 1hr 7mins and 57secs.

3, Alicia Leal (ND Road Runners), 1hr 16mins and 51secs.

Female over 45

1, Julie Dixon (Bideford AC), 1hr 9mins and 16secs.

2, Sarah Francis (ND Road Runners), 1hr 17mins and 56secs.

3, Louise Thomas (ND Road Runners), 1hr 20mins and 26secs.

Female over 55

1, Karen Grant (ND Road Runners) 1hr 32mins and 49secs.

2, Tricia Harrison, 1hr 37mins and 59secs.

3, Lisa Light, 1hr 42mins and 12secs.