Sonny’ 13, hooks a whopper at Stafford Moor near Dolton

There was a 29lb nine ounce birthday surprise for young Sonny Barratt when he visited Stafford Moor fishery with his dad on Sunday.

The 13-year-old not only caught the fine mirror carp on his birthday, it was also the second fish he has caught.

Stafford Moor, between Dolton and Ashreigney, is also the venue for a charity match being held by the 30-strong North Devon Match Group on Saturday, June 27.

Organiser Neilson Jeffery plans to divide the proceeds between Appledore RNLI and Children’s Hospice South West.

The winner of Sunday’s open match at Stafford Moor on Tanners lake, peg 18, was Perry Burgess with 161lb 7oz.

On the sea scene, Bideford Angling Club enjoyed a good turnout for its monthly rover with 25 senior and four junior members fishing.

Dan Redmore continued his excellent success on the rays by landing a 9lb 14 ¾ oz specimen small-eyed to take first place with 110.242%.

It narrowly beat Taz Wotton’s smoothound of 10lb 13 (108.125%) while Dan also took third with another small eyed of 8lb 10.

Damien Babb, Richard Boon and Taz Wotton made up fourth to sixth with hounds ranging from 9lb 7 to 9lb 2.

Cameron Atkinson topped the juniors with a nice wrasse of 4lb ¾ (80.937%) and also took second with one of 3lb 6. Chelsea Babb was third with a 2lb dogfish.

With warmer waters, mackerel should be around now and we are set to move into some of the best weeks of the year for fishing.

Anyone interested in fishing these competitions is welcome – drop into the club at the corner of Honestone Street in Bideford or go to for details.

The new season starts in September.