Appledore, Bideford and Torridge pilot gig clubs made the journey to South Devon on Sunday to take part in the Salcombe Regatta.

Bideford Pilot Gig Club claimed their first ever win at Salcombe Regatta.Bideford Pilot Gig Club claimed their first ever win at Salcombe Regatta.

The regatta proved to be a very special one for Bideford Pilot Gig Club, who won their first ever race at the meeting, crossing the line first in the men's A race. Their mixed crew claimed a fourth place finish and the ladies B finished fifth in their race.

The Bideford men's crew consisted of Colin Eastman (cox), Thomas Trapnell, Colin Eastman, Rhys Hollis, Paul Clifford, Robert Mould and Thomas Hunt and they led the way from the off, managing to beat some crews that had finished in the top 12 at the recent World Championships.

Appledore's men's veterans took first place in their race, and there were third-place finishes for both the men's and ladies' A crew. The men's super vets finished second, as did the mixed crew.

Torridge's ladies' super vets finished second in their race, and the men's C crew finished third.

Bideford Pilot Gig Club are seeking sponsorship from local businesses to help replace and update their equipment. For more information, contact