Bideford Boxing club are offering Parkinson’s Boxing Classes free of charge, writes Richard Grigg.

The classes will be starting on Tuesday, August 13, from 1pm until 2pm and then will continue weekly each Tuesday for the next six weeks.

Bideford Boxing Club are the first club in Devon to be running Parkinson's Boxing Classes and if successful, this will become a permanent thing at the club.

Latest research highlights that frequent, intense, challenging exercise can slow the progression of Parkinson's.

A lot of boxing training helps there symptoms such as movement, balance, xxplosive punches, co-ordination, flexibility, shape and posture. There have been many proven cases of this all around the country.

There are two qualified coaches in the club that have attended a Parkinson's Boxing Course.

There were people at the course that participate in Parkinson Boxing around the country, seeing this first hand and how much it has helped them has encouraged the club to bring these classes to Bideford.

The club is built on the side of the Pollyfield Centre, East The Water, EX39 4BL.

All equipment is provided. For any questions phone Richard 07949 770616.