Bideford Blues took on challenging conditions at the Falmouth Regatta on Saturday.

The water was choppy and rough on Stithian's Lake, which proved challenging for the rowers, with some crews sinking.

Bideford still managed to take a couple of wins though. The women's novice four of Casey Colwill, Martha Andrews, Sadhbh Connor and Dominique Moolenaar rowed to victory, as did Harry Fanson in the men's junior 14 sculls.

There were five second place finishes for the Blues as well, with four of those coming from the club's fours.

The women's novice four of Sarah Connor, Lucy Thompson, Angela Mair and Gemma Steele; women's senior C four of Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Moolenaar and Becka Brown; men's senior C four of Toby Evans, Charlite White, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill; and junior four of James Evans, Immy Paiano, Sophie Rothery and Fanson all finished second in their races.

The junior 18 double scull of Hannah Evans and Nell Gierke also earned a second place finish.

Young rower Barney Evans proved persistence and perseverance really does pay off, battling back from two capsizes to finish in the men's junior 15 scull.