It was a busy bank holiday weekend for Bideford Amateur Boxing Club.

Jordan Graham and Hayden Harris were both in action for the club at Devonport's home show.

In only his second fight, Graham boxed an experienced Brad Bugdale, but produced an excellent display on the front foot to take a unanimous decision.

The Bideford boxer pressured Bugdale with hooks to the body in the first round before forcing a standing eight in the second with a powerful straight shot.

Graham stayed on the attack in the third and forced another two standing counts before the bell.

Harris took on Kyle Williams of the home club and won the match with a stoppage in the final round.

A fast-paced start saw the Bideford lad pin Williams on the ropes, with his hand speed forcing a standing count.

The pace slowed in the second, but Harris continued to land shots. He went through the gears in the last, and a hard left hook midway through forced the referee to stop the contest.

Dylan Burston was in Port Talbot where he took on St Joseph's boxer Zane Burke.

Burston struggled to find his range in the opening two rounds, getting caught with southpaw backhands. While he recovered in the last round, it wasn't enough to overturn a unanimous decision against him.

Rocky Grigg had his first taste of boxing in Port Talbot too, showing fast hands and good footwork in an exhibition with Nico Vendetta.