Barnstaple Swimming Club’s senior water polo team travelled to Exeter on Friday night for their penultimate Devon League game of the season.

The game was close with goals shared amongst several players from both teams.

Barnstaple edged the first quarter 4-5, falling behind at 8-6 by half time, and 12-10 after the third quarter.

The crucial moment came early in the final quarter with the score at 13-11.

Barnstaple's Will Hutchens, who had been successfully marking the Exeter centre forwards, called a 'time out' and left the pool as his trunks had been torn to shreds during one attack. But a 'time out' can only be called when your own team are in possession and he was thus excluded from the rest of the game.

It was no consolation that the culprit was himself soon excluded for a third major foul and a depleted Barnstaple conceded several more goals with the game ending 19-13.