Barnstaple really are in touching distance of promotion back to National Two South after beating Cornish All Blacks 13-6 at a wet and windy Pottington Road on Saturday.

Victory puts Barnstaple 23 points clear of Maidenhead and Weston, who share joint second place behind the long-time leaders.

Maids were due to play Weston but that game was called off, which did neither of them any favours.

Weston have seven games to play and 35 points to play for; Maids have six matches to go and 30 points up for grabs in them.

Barum are so far ahead now two more wins should do it - and that formula pre-supposes one of the chasing clubs wins every game left. It isn't likely.

There has been lots of talk from Barnstaple team chief Jeremy Chugg about the likelihood of going up; from now on it looks like a reality.

"At this stage of the season I would rather have points in the bag instead of games in hand and that's the happy position we are in," said Chugg.

"We go to Maidenhead this Saturday and if we win that one they are out of it.

"Even if we don't win they have everything to do to catch us. We already have the points.

"Mathematically, I suppose it is possible for Weston or Maidenhead to catch us. But something would have to go seriously wrong now for that to happen and I cannot see that happening."

Some wins have to be ground out and this was definitely one of them on a day when running rugby was never going to occur that often.

Barum were always ahead in the game thanks to two first-half penalties from stand-off Haydn Lidstone that put them 6-0 up at the break.

CAB got on the board with a Dan Pearce penalty - later in the piece he landed a second - but a try off the bench for Josh Davie was converted by Lidstone to keep Barum out in front.

Said Chugg: "Even when it was 6-3 in the first half and they were pressing on our line, I was not that concerned.

"Cornish All Blacks are a hard side to break down and defend strongly, but they don't have much to hurt you with in attack.

"We had to keep plugging away and once we were safely ahead had to make sure we stayed there."

Robbie Hume, back in action at scrum-half after a break, was named man of the match for Barum.